Mari-Elna I would like to thank you for all the help and support you gave me and my family during our terrible ordeal. I wasn't sure at first about Social Services getting involved, when I first met you and R.M. from the Child Protection Unit, (UK). However the more I spoke to you I learned I could trust you, and you were there for us. My daughter really got to know you and felt comfortable with you and as you know she trusted you and opened up to you. Thank you for making her video interview with the police easier by explaining everything to her, you were 100% there for her.   - The mother.



You have done some fantastic work with J and his mother. They have moved on so far! I am finding out information about EMDR therapy and may refer J to this in the near future. 
- Social Worker UK.


Congratulations Mari-Elna! I am delighted to inform you that you have been selected by your Director as the winner of the Quality Service Award for Children and Families. One of your clients provided an extremely detailed nomination that told us how you helped them to transform the behavior of their daughter and changed their view of Social Services. 
- Chief Executive, Swindon Borough Council, UK.


Mari-Elna helped us greatly with our daughter's behavior and understanding of her needs and wishes. She never put us down or made us feel like we were bad parents. We did work on attachment issues and Mari-Elna taught us nurturing games which helped our daughter to trust us. We have learned to get our daughter to behave and we are a happy family again. As my husband says: "Instead of being in the gutter, we're now reaching for the sky". - Parents. UK.


The reason I like Mari-Elna is that she helps me with all my problems. She is always there for me. When I need to talk to her she finds time for me to talk to her. Furthermore, she also finds time to talk to Mum. - 7-year-old sexually abused girl. The UK.


I came to the Nurture by Nature Attachment Group as a struggling Mum, but now I am confident that I can always be there for my baby. All of you do an amazing job. Thank you, you have changed our lives!  - Baby B and his mother.


Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your case notes. They are wonderful and it sounds like D will be taking on board what you say. They even make me feel better and think about my feelings. Perhaps you should do motivational speaking!   - S.M.-Social Worker who referred her client to Mari-Elna.


I undertook EMDR with Mari-Elna at work in a quiet room. The trauma was due to three freak car accidents. The first car was a Lexus 200, the second and third accidents happened in a Lexus 250. I didn't know what to expect from the EMDR Therapy and didn't really expect the sessions to have any real impact - I thought at least it would take the edge off. I had annual leave after the EMDR for two weeks. When I got back in the car it was if I never had the accident - it was completely wiped from my mind. I COULD HANDLE IT!  And I still can. It is amazing. I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that it probably saved my life. I actually enjoy driving again. I am free. Thank you so much Mari-Elna. - A female colleague, UK.


I am feeling much better after all the help you have given me. All the things we have worked on and I don't feel angry anymore. I can control my feelings.  Everything you have done with me has helped me in many different ways. I have got my confidence back and I am not scared of men anymore. I got self-esteem now. Thank you for everything Mari-Elna.  
- Teenage abused girl, UK.  


Thank you for this fabulous piece of work - it really is great!  -  Jean Pollard.  Director - Safeguarding and Corporate Parenting, Swindon, UK  (on the Nurture by Nature Group File for the Inspectors.


With regards to the EMDR Therapy I have been doing with my therapist, Mari-Elna Louw: 
When I first started, I didn't believe anything would be able to help me get over certain memories. I turned up for one of my sessions so upset, crying, confused, and at the start of the session, we thought to cancel it as I was so distressed. But we decided to go ahead with the session - which I am grateful I did. At the finish of the session, I felt a big weight had been taken off my shoulders. I felt like 2 million dollars! I would recommend this Therapy to anyone who has an old problem, all the memories they need to help to process! 


Just to say a big thank you for the Assessment prepared on A.M. It was first class. Since yesterday's hearing, I have received commendations from our Barrister, Guardian, and the other Solicitors on the quality and depth of the assessment report. May I say and it was commented on by others, this report was better than we get from most Independent SW's. When we have the in-house quality of this standard we must use it. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to read and it really nailed it.  - Manager Legal Team. Swindon, UK.


Baie dankie Tannie, ek waardeer alles so baie wat Tannie vir my doen en ek glo ek sal alles kan doen wat Tannie my geleer het as die triggers kom. (Tiener met Conversion Disorder wat pseudo-epileptiese aanvalle gekry het. Dit het baie drasties afgeneem en byna heeltemal verdwyn. Sy het twee ongelukke gehad wat by die twee geleenthede ‘n aanval veroorsaak het, verder geen aanvalle meer nie.) 'n EMDR terapie sukses!  

Dieselde meisie is nou finale jaar student aan 'n universiteit.  Sy het geen verdere pseudo-epileptiese aanvalle gekry nie. 


My kind is sooo baie beter! Hy geniet weer skool. Hy onthou ook nou weer alles wat voor die gewapende roof gebeur het en vertel my dinge wat hy voorheen gladnie kon onthou nie.
 - Ma van 'n 11 jarige seun wat aangehou was deur 5 rowers in 'n gewapende winkel-roof toe hy 7 jaar oud was. 
Hy het vir twee jaar nie skool bygewoon nie uit angs en vrees. Hy was voorheen  behandel deur 10 professionele medici en sielkundiges.  Een Dr. het aanbeveel dat die ma die seun 'n pak slae gee, omdat hy net lui is om skooltoe te gaan. Hulle adviseer dat hulle niks vir hom kan doen nie.  Die seun het na 5 sessies EMDR terapie al sy trauma geprosesseer en is begin 2015 terug skooltoe. Sy woorde: "I am better than ever". Hy is so opgewonde en wil gladnie skool mis nie!

Mei 2015

Hi Tannie,  met C......... gaan dit uitstekend – het ‘n k√™rel en het laasjaar laas ‘n aanval gehad. Haar dokter speen haar nou van al haar pille. Ons is so bly en sy hou nog steeds. -16 jarige wat pseudo-epileptiese aanvalle gekry het. Dieselfde kind van 2014,

In 2016 word sy gekies om SA te verteenwoordig in 'n skole Netbalspan in Hong Kong.. 

Gedurende 2017 is sy 'n eerstejaar student by die Universiteit in skoonheidsterapie en kan ten volle die studentelewe geniet, met geen verdere pseudo-epileptiese aanvalle meer nie. Dankbaar!

Sy het haar graad op Universiteit geslaag en het nie weer aanvalle gekry nie. Sy laat  weet sy het haar eie skoonheidsalon geopen. 
Augustus 2017
Die ma van 17 jarige seun skryf vir my: " eerlik ek wil my kind gesond kry....hoe gouer hoe beter....  Die seun kry pseudo-epileptiese aanvalle ( Conversion Disorder)  en is baie afwesig uit die skool as gevolg daarvan. Hulle kom van ver en bly oor in 'n gastehuis in Port Eizabeth Ek sien hulle elke dag vir 'n week lank, soms twee sessies per dag. 
Dear Mari-Elna, to a dear and kindest spirit!  I admire your passion and love for children.  wish you the best in your work and good health! Love.  - Dr. Frances Waters - a clinical social worker and a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Marquette, Michigan, America. An internationally recognized educator, trainer, consultant, and clinician in the areas of childhood trauma, abuse, and dissociation.Past President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD). Fran Waters received the 2008 Media Award from the American Professional Society on Abuse of Children for her production of "Trauma and Dissociation in Children," which was geared toward forensic evaluators and prosecutors. She is the recipient of ISSTD's Presidential Award and is a fellow of the ISSDT.  Mari-Elna was trained by Fran in Trauma and Dissociation in Children.  Dr. Fran supervises me on SKYPE when I need supervision in complex cases.
Oktober 2017
Die ma van 'n seun skryf na behandeling met EMDR Terapie: "Dit gaan nog alles voor die wind hier. Hy ( 17 jarige seun) is vol lewe en party dae voel dit of ek hom aan sy ore gaan ophang so vol energie is hy en kan sy sussies vreesik irriteer, 'n regte tienerseun wat geen einde het nie.  Ons is so dankbaar. "
Desember 2017
Ek sien hom weer in Desember vir drie sessies om seker te maak dat alle trauma geprosesseer is, na een aanval weer gebeur. Die ma skryf daarna: "Ek wil net laat weet dat alles nog hier baie goed gaan met almal van ons. Ek wil goeie nuus deel dat (seun) matriek toe gaan volgende jaar. Hy is so bly. "     ( dieselfde 17 jarige seun wat weens pseudo epileptiese aanvalle baie afwesig was uit die skool. Hy slaag Gr 11.) Navorsing toon dat die aanvalle minder word na behandeling met EMDR en dus kan nog enkele aanvalle voorkom tot dit heeltemal stop. Dikwels is dit trauma wat steeds in die brein gestoor en geblokkeer is, wat dan net later opkom. Dit word dan met verdere EMDR se bilaterale  stimulasie in 'n opvolgsessie geprosesseer.. 

An 86 year old male suffered intense grief after his wife died 18 months earlier and he landed up in hospital  After three sessions he said:  "I am less emotional and my grieving is much less intense.  I do feel in control and this is evident that I can sort out my late wife's clothing without overwhelming emotions.  There are still some memories that are painful, but I feel positive about my future. Your therapy really helped me."

Dame van 64 jaar. Sy is as kind erg deur haar ma mishandel  Sy het erge skuldgevoelens en voel sy is nie goed genoeg nie.  'n Goeie vriend word vermoor.  Terugvoer:  " Ek voel nie meer dis my skuld nie.  Ek is nou in beheer. Ek kon dit met my gesin deel en  ek voel vry.  Ek glo in myself  en voel baie positief.  Ek het vrede gevind."

2020 -2021

Julie 2021:  'n Jong Mamma van drie kinders laat weet:  "Tannie se EMDR Terapie het my baie gehelp.  Dit het my hele lewe verander.  Baie dankie.".



  1. The murdered Millie Dowler's mother speaker at next year's EMDR Conference in Edinburgh Scotland:

    Emerging from the depths of despair with the help of EMDR
    I am the mother of the murdered British schoolgirl Milly Dowler. My thirteen year old daughter Milly was abducted and murdered in March 2002. Her body lay undiscovered for six months during which time I literally felt on the brink of insanity and fought to stay sane.

    As time moved on I continued to face many challenges including the police investigation and the intense media interest. It transpired that the man responsible for Milly's abduction, who was eventually convicted for Milly’s murder, had also killed two other girls after murdering Milly. The trial of Milly’s murderer in May 2011 was a deeply traumatic experience.

    In December 2012 I hit an ‘all time low’ and I was subsequently referred for EMDR psychotherapy. My presentation is a narrative of my experiences as a mother profoundly traumatised by Milly's death, dealing with the significant media attention that came to bear upon me and my family, how it significantly impacted upon my own mental health and well-being, and how EMDR has helped me to slowly start to emerge from such utter grief and despair.

  2. Eerstens wil ek net begin deur te se dat ek 'n kind van die Here is. Vir 'n Christen om te sukkel met angstigheid is maar 'n vreemde ervaring. Veral ten opstigte van geloof. My geloof was op sy sterkste toe my angstigheid 'n nuwe vlak van sleg bereik. Ek het baie lank gebid dat die Here my sal genees. Vir 'n 24 jarige jongman met die perfekte lewe was angstigheid 'n groot frustrasie. Want ek het nie regtig geweet waarvandaan dit kom want alles in my lewe was regtig goed. Ek het alles in my lewe wat ek nodig het om gelukkig te wees maar angstigheid was steeds teenwoordig. Dit is 'n aaklige gevoel. Dit voel asof jy versmoor en beheer verloor in jou lewe. Ek was eerlikwaar moedeloos en magteloos... want dit het gevoel asof niks en niemand dit beter kan maak! Ek dank die Here dat hy Mevrou Louw in my pad geplaas het. Vandag waar ek hier sit kan ek met alle eerlikheid se dat God werk op verskeie maniere om ons te help. Die EMDR terapie was vir my eers 'n onsekere saak ,maar dit werk regtig. Persoonlik sal ek dit aanbeveel vir enige persoon wat sukkel met angstigheid. Want met angstigheid lyk jy doodnormaal vir mense daar buite terwyl daar 'n emosionele oorlog in jou plaasvind. Ek voel letterlik dat die terapie 'n geskenk uit die hemel is! Dankie Here dat u besig is om my beter te maak om my doel op aarde weereens te vervul om harte te wen vir Christus. Dit was nog altyd my ultimate "goal". Mag die Here mevrou se lewe werklik seen en dankie dat sy haar gawe kan deel met ons. Dankie mevrou vir die rol in my lewe. Ek sal vir ewig dankbaar wees. God bless

  3. Martie Scriven Maart 2018

    Eerstens wil ek my Hemelse Vader baie dankie se vir my besoek aan n DR Meyer . Ek het gelei aan erge Depressie.
    Dr Meyer het vir my gese dat ek nooit FINE sal wees nie aangesien my seer te diep is.
    Hy het gevra of ek nie die dame (Mari-Elna} wil kontak nie.
    Ek het besluit daar is niks wat ek kan verloor nie en n besoek aan haar kan dalk iets beteken.

    Ek is n depressie lyer vir meer as 25jaar. Van die een Dr na die ander. Meer as 10 keer Sielkundiges besoek.
    Meer as 5 verskillende Psigiaters besoek. Drie keer vir n opname by n hospitaal. Elke hospitaal besoek was 3 weke.
    Arbeidsterapeut , Phisioterapeut en baie ander. Ek het gelei aan Mayor Depressie.
    My trauma het begin toe ek 5 jaar oud was. Ek was nou al baie moeg om my trauma oor en oor te vertel vir behandeling.
    Bogenoemdes sit en luister. Dan pille. Ek was moeg vir pille.
    Hierdie behandelings het my medies duisende rande gekos. Ek kraak nie die behandeling van dokters , sielkundiges en psigiators af nie. Hierdie mense prober hulle bes maar vir my het niks gehelp nie. Ek het net al dieper in depressive

    My eerste afspraak by Mari-Elna was n groot sukses. Ek hoef nie my lewe vir haar vertel het nie. My besoeke is almal een en n half uur lank. Daardie middag roei ek met n "pedal ski" vir die eerste keer in my lewe. Ek het vrees gehad vir water. My familie het verbaas gestaan en kyk. Ek was so kalm gewees.
    Elke besoek aan Mari-Elna was n groot sukses. Ek noem haar behandeling " my brain rewired ". EMDR terapie is onbekend vir baie in SA. Mari-Elna het haar opleiding in Engeland in EMDR voltooi.
    Geen pille. Glo my. My brein met die EMDR behandeling n groot sukses.
    My hele verlede en trauma is iets van die verlede. Hierdie is nie n storie nie. Glo my ek het hel gehad met
    my depressie. Ek kan nou weer lag. Vrees , verwerping 'kwaad,selfbeeld, haat, ouers wat alkoliste was en ek as n dogtertjie van 5 jaar en die oudste kind het hel geken. Met my behandeling met Mari-Elna het ek toe tot besef gekom dat ek nooit n dogtertjie was nie. Daarom tot en met my behandeling EMDR het ek my lewe as n ouer op getree.Nooit geleer hoe dit sal wees om n volwasse te wees nie. Ek het voor behandeling alles op myself geneem en baie seer gekry.
    Ek het altyd geglo ek doen net my bes. Nou terwyl ek nog besig is met my behandeling het ek ontdek dat ek nou soos
    n volwasse dink en doen.
    Ek het honderde rande gespandeer op mediese kostes.
    Nou my eerste besoek by Mari-Elna in Januarie 2018 tot en met vandag 17de Maart 2018 ken ek nie myself nie.
    My man en kinders is so verbaas. Almal kon ondervind dat ek n gesonde denke het.
    Mari-Elna hoe bedank ek iemand soos jy wat n baie groot verskil in my lewe gemaak het. Ek is 63jaar oud en nou ken ek
    nie die word depressie nie.
    Glo my. Ek pleit dat daar meer gebruik gemaak word van die EMDR terapie. Mense met trauma en depressie smeek
    vir hulp. Hulle kan gehelp word.Hulle is moeg vir pille.
    Pille kan nie my brein funksies herstel nie. Daar sal baie aandag gegee moet word aan die EMDR.Mediese fondse
    moet ag neem van die EMDR behandeling. Pasiente sal baie gouer genees en kostes vir die mediese fonds sal gespaar
    Dankie Mari-Elna dat jy daar was vir my. Dr Meyer die engel van God wat my verwys het na jou.Jy het my lewe nuut gemaak.
    Ek spreek oor jou net God se seen oor jou en jou behandeling.