1. EMDR and Individual Therapy:
How many sessions will you need?
If you had a nurturing childhood and have a single trauma to reprocess, such as a car accident or an assault, your treatment could be 3-4 sessions and I usually arrange one session per week per person. If you have a history of abuse, neglect, or both, and you have many traumatic memories to reprocess, then your therapy could take longer. In some instances, I can arrange for more than one session per week. It depends on every person’s needs and circumstances. 

People from outside and far from Port Elizabeth I usually see over one week, every day and one or two sessions a day, depending on what their needs are. They need to stay over for one week in Port Elizabeth.
I charge according to medical aid rates for a 60 to 90 minutes session. Research and experience show that a 90-minute session for EMDR is just enough to process an unprocessed traumatic memory that is stuck in the brain of the traumatized person. The costs (2019) varied between R500.00 for a 60-minute session and R600.00 for a 90-minute session (according to the length of the session.) - all EMDR sessions for adults are 90 minutes long.   I am a member of the Board of Healthcare Funders, (BHF) and my Practice Number is 0510068 Social Workers, Please check with your Medical Aid first.  The fee per session will be negotiated when making an appointment or during the first appointment. Please discuss with me if you do not have a medical fund.
My practice is a cash practice. I prefer that you pay me first and I will issue a receipt which you can claim back from your Medical Aid.  Because more and more people failed or struggle to pay for their sessions at the end of therapy, it now becomes a necessity for me to request payment per session on the day of therapy.
The full fee is due if appointments are broken with less than 24 hours’ notice. Please cancel in time by SMS,  text or call or email me, to enable me to give other people on the waiting list the benefit of an appointment.

2. The Clinical Child Assessment includes the following: 
  • A 2+ hours session with the child and the parents - Costs are per Medical Aid rates. ( As per duration of the Assessment process.) Two+  hours will cost R800.00 as per medical aid rate.
  • processing of the assessment information after the assessment by the therapist and a feedback session with the parents (during a separate appointment) will be a one-hour session.
  • When you end your involvement before the finalization of the Clinical Assessment you will be responsible to pay for the sessions the therapist completed with you or your child. 
  • If a detailed report is requested (e.g. for Court or School purposes etc.) the costs will be extra.

3. Parenting Assessment: The process of an in-depth assessment of Parenting Abilities are as  follow:
  • ± 8 assessment sessions 
  • Observation sessions (2 to 3 hours per session) of the interaction between the parents individually and their children 
  •  A report for Court purposes  
  • If I am requested to appear in Court the fees will be as for Medical Aid rates per hour extra.  
  • Payment is made as per written contract. 
If the arrangement is made that I have to see you at your place of choice, you will be responsible for the travel costs, R4.00 per km and if necessary, the stay-over costs of the therapist. This arrangement can be cost-effective if more people want to make use of my services during such a visit. It is negotiable with me. If traveling is requested in the Port Elizabeth area the travel costs will also be R4.00 per km.
An example of shared costs: I went to work for 7 days in the Orange Free State and 4 people shared the travel costs and the place to stay. I saw each of them once or twice a day for the 7 days or until we finished. Everyone paid me separately for his/her therapy sessions.