Mari-Elna Louw is an experienced social worker and therapist since 1967. I qualified and worked in South Africa until the end of 2002 and moved to the UK where I continued working as a Social Worker.

I am currently a SACSSP registered Social Worker in South Africa and was also an HCPC registered Social Worker in the United Kingdom. 

I worked and studied in the United Kingdom for nearly 10 years from January 2003 until November 2012. In England, I worked as a Family Therapist with a Children and Families Intervention Team and provided therapeutic help with a variety of issues. I also worked with two colleagues in private practice, called Swift Counselling and Coaching in Swindon, UK. 

 I am a Europe Accredited EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Practitioner with EMDR Europe Association, using this psychotherapy with many clients for a wide range of difficulties such as PTSD and unresolved trauma processing. EMDR is a Trauma Therapy with great results.

While working in the UK Mari-Elna added extra qualifications to her CV, which enabled her to deliver more effective services to her clients. In 2007 while working in the UK she won the “Employee of the Year Star Award” – for excellent services delivered. 

My current private practice is situated in the Eastern Cape city of Port Elizabeth,  South Africa. I specialize in working with adults, adolescents, and children. I am working in both languages, English and Afrikaans.